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My Story


Why Should You?

As a writer, published author and biographer, I am passionate about life stories.

I strongly believe in the immense value of passing our life experiences to the new generations. A life story narrated in a book and/or in a video-biography lasts forever, and this is what I do. I write life stories, memoires,  biographies, short-story books, the history of a business, fantasy and children's books, and more. And I do this working closely with my client making sure each story is narrated with his or her own voice.

A video biography bridges the gap between oral histories and visual memorabilia.

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The video biography is produced via a series of video-recorded interviews. It is the result of a narrative-driven video-recorded history of some of the most touching recollections that come to mind while being video-recorded. Your story is told by combining video footage of your interviews with a selection of photographs, slides, home movies, 8mm films, and more. 

It is a unique opportunity to share views, memories, and tips on living with those who thus have the option to listen to you, watch you on video today, and the days to come.

Video Personality
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