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A Story Is Forever.
Every Story Is Somehow Extraordinary

Accomplishments and failures are the essences of our very life and a great contribution we may offer to those dearest to us and to those that will treasure it without even ever meeting us.

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Riccardo Lo Faro Biographer and Ghostwriter

Whether it's your biography you wish to see on paper, the story of your family or business, a children's book or a story that you want to turn into a movie, together we will make it an extraordinary accomplishment!

Books, e.Books, and Video Biographies to cherish your life and values over time.

Dante Ferretti
Dante Ferretti

Dante Ferretti, scenografo, premio Oscar - a cura di Riccardo Lo Faro

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Some 60+ Books Published To Date.
PrimiDieci Awards, Riccardo Lo Faro
WLPO, The World Leading Personalities Organization

Founder and President

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Ordine dei Giornalisti del Lazio, Riccaro Lo Faro, Member


Foreign Press Centers, Riccardo Lo Faro, member